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Welcome to the cottage village of premium-class Ray-Elenovka
Little Italy in the Kharkov region.


The history of Ray-Elenovka originates from 1862-1863, when Professor N. N. Beketov, N. D. Borisyak, D. P. Limble, F. I. Lang began to conduct studies of therapeutic factors of mineral water in this area.

In 1936 it was approved that mineral waters are therapeutic. Around the same period, the construction of the sanatorium begins, a pond and garden are created.

From 1950 to 1980 Rest buildings, buildings of medical and preventive procedures, a beam and a dining room were built. The beach was ennobled, and willow were planted along the shores of the new pond.

Since 2020, a new era and a new stage of development begins.


We love nature and take care of it.

A paradise place has been created in the forest near the lake, where you can plunge into a virgin nature supplemented by human love and care. Take care of your own health, enjoy the vacation, enjoy the most modern SPA complex - all this in Ray -Elenovka.







The complex is a unique combination of the hotel-restaurant complex, SPA, hospital, a recreation center, recreation areas and a cottage village.

The scheme of the territory


There is a cottage village on the territory of the complex, in which it is possible to purchase land plots with a contract for the construction of a cottage. You can easily fulfill your dream of a suburban life at a completely new level thanks to a unique concept - "from people to people."

– Ray-Elenovka


Ray-Elenovka offers site for individual housing construction with all engineering infrastructure for the embodiment of the most daring fantasies and ideas of suburban housing construction.

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The residential suburban complex Ray-Elenovka is rich in healing mineral waters, clean forest-steppe air and excellent natural conditions.
The complex is located in the recreational zone, where the climatic conditions due to thick woodedness, lake and remoteness from sources of pollution create an ideal atmosphere for life.
Healing siliceous mineral water, which has no analogues in Ukraine. This water is indicated in the pathology of the digestive tract, liver and biliary tract.


Ray-Elenovka does everything so that you feel safe: all the necessary security infrastructure, territory without access to strangers, IT solutions for online monitoring of the house, professional protection of your property.

Готовые дома в пригороде Харькова


On the territory of Ray-Elenovka there is an access control system that limits the access of foreign machines and pedestrians.

Готовые дома в пригороде Харькова


Using an application on the phone anywhere in the world, you can watch your home online 24/7.

Готовые дома в пригороде Харькова


A professional security company will take care of not only the entire territory of the Ray-Elenovka complex, but also directly about your house.


The main advantage of the Ray-Elenovka cottage village is water-"Ray-Elenovka", which the inhabitants of our village can drink from the tap. This water enriched with magnesium, sodium, calcium, it charity affects the digestive, cardiovascular, nervous and muscle systems, and normalizes metabolism. According to Japanese researchers, if a person drinks water more alkaline (above the indicator 6.5, but below 9.0) life expectancy is 20-30%higher. We care about the health of our inhabitants.

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Leave the city in the Kiev direction, having drove the city of Pesochin, pay attention to the Stella "Ray-Elenovka" on the left side.